Summer Education Program (2019)

Weekend Islamic School

After school Quran Program

Summer Educational Program (2019)

Program Objective: Quran and Islamic studies for boys and girls between 5 and 17 years.


Assembly (30 minutes)

At the beginning of the session all students gather. Teacher briefs. Reads last ten (or so) Suras and students repeat.

Quran Classes (about 1 hr and half)

Class 1: Qaeda class to teach students Arabic reading and writing. Students eventually learn how to read Quran fluently. Students may be at different levels.

Class 2: Quran memorization. This class is for students who already know how to read the Quran fluently by himself or herself.

Break (about 45 minutes)

Students have an incentive that if they finish their lessons early, they can go for break early. Students will use this time to eat their snacks and play.

Islamic Studies (about 1 hr)

It covers Aqeeda/Tawheed, Taharat, Prayer, Seerah, etc. It has different levels. There are 10 books to be covered depending on the level of the students.

Weekend Islamic School

Weekend Islamic School has more than a three-decade history. The main goal of the school is to provide an Islamic education in a positive environment to public school students enabling them to be well-rounded, strong contributors and role models as Muslims in our American society.

Our Mission

  • To help our students develop strong, positive Islamic identities.
  • To impart to our students a basic foundation in the fundamental teachings of Islam. This includes but is not limited to Quran, Seerah, History and analysis of current events from an Islamic perspective.
  • To create a place where Muslim children can build friendships – sometimes lifelong – with other young Muslims.
  • To help nurture Muslims of the future who will participate in the world surrounding them as ambassadors of Islam and responsible Americans.

The school is in session from mid-September to mid-June. During the summer, a three to four week day camp may be offered. The school is usually closed, for at least one weekend, during the two Eid holidays. 

After School Quran Program

Our program focuses on Quran reading and memorization along with meanings, Islamic Studies and some Arabic according to the student’s age and level. Additional Classes on Sundays:

  • Arabic Language Class for beginners

  • Program OfferedQuran Memorization Hifz Program 
    (Pr-requisite, Reading of the Holy Quran, or Pass a Tajweed test given by Islamic Education Committee)

This program is offered to those not attending regular weekend school hours.

*availability of program subject to change depending on administration’s decision annually.

Continuous Improvement and Feedback

We meet with parents regularly in order to do what is best for the students. Please enroll your children early and feel free to ask questions and give us your feedback. You can contact via email at